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Plein Air-pril 30 Day Challenge - Day 1 & 2

OH, I wish this was a joke. I’m starting a 30-day Plein Air Painting challenge called #PleinAirpril for the month of April, sponsored by @warriorpainters. I’m going to attempt to paint one painting a day, outside (still not a joke, somehow). I’ve never painted this much outside and I’m intimidated and excited. All paintings will be for sale, you can follow along at #PleinAlanna and if you see me in the wild, please tag me! :)

Camellias 11x14” oil on canvas, 2022

Day 1 was rainy and too cold, especially for a spring day in Virginia. I painted from about 12 pm - 6 pm and used water-soluble oil paint by Winsor and Newton. It’s the least toxic oil paint on the market right now and you can thin it with just water instead of solvents. I definitely over painted and tried to make the oil paint act like acrylic, which it is not.

Untitled 11x14” oil on canvas, 2022

I was dog sitting in McLean and had to do a nocturne after a pretty busy day. I painted from 10 pm - 12 am and this time tried not to work in layers. It was easier to get the contrast I needed. I left my small brushes at home, so it was hard to get details, and good for me to be painting with bigger brushes. Still way too cold for my liking.

(In progress)

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