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Painting Commissions

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Painting commissions are custom painting orders that I make based on photos taken by the collector (you). Below, I have the standard sizes I am offering as of May 3, 2024 and the different types of media. If you are interested in a custom painting, please email me here with what size, media, and photo you would like me to paint. I will respond within 48 hours. 

Sometimes collectors would prefer to have a painting that is a combination of two or more photos, because they like a certain background or pose. These are extremely difficult to put together because it sometimes requires me to imagine a specific lighting situation or an object that doesn't exist. For each additional photo that is combined with the original photo, $50 will be added to the prices below. 

Keep scrolling down to see FAQs about Painting Commissions. 

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Payment plans are available in 2 or 4 payments. Let me know what you prefer. 

Details about Acrylic Paintings:

- I will paint all acrylic paintings on 1/2" thick canvas, but if you're interested in a gallery wrapped canvas (3" thick), please specify. I will adjust the price accordingly. 

- I don't add hanging wire to the canvas so the paintings are easier to frame. You can buy fairly inexpensive canvas frames through Blick or Plaza Art Materials

Details about Gouache Paintings:

-All gouache and ink paintings are painted on watercolor paper or thick Bristol paper. 

-Gouache and ink paintings can be framed with regular photo frames. 

FAQ about Painting Commissions


Um, what is gouache???

Gouache is an opaque watercolor. It is usually used by designers and illustrators more than it is used by painters. It has a bright, flat matte look to it, and I've been combining it with slight ink lines recently to create light-hearted portraits. It's a tricky kind of paint, because the light colors will dry darker and the dark colors will dry lighter, so I never know what a painting looks like until it is dry. 














How long does it take you to finish a painting?

I ask for approximately 5-7 weeks to complete each painting.  

Why does it take that long?

I am a painter who works in layers. I carefully build up the image using different colors that you may not even see in the final image to give it depth. Besides making sure that each painting is a good representation of my work as an artist, I am working on multiple paintings at once as well as my own personal projects, which include exhibitions, local partnerships, and a part-time job. At any given time, I am working on four separate paintings. 

How do I pay you?

Once we agree on which photo I am going to paint and which size painting, I will send you an invoice through Square Invoice where you can pay with a credit card. I will not see your credit card details. 

You may also pay me through my PayPal Business account, my Venmo Business account, or by personal check. I will not begin working on the painting until the contract is signed and I have received the non-refundable security deposit.


I ask for a 50% non-refundable security deposit up front and then the remaining 50% when I finish the piece and am preparing to ship it. 

Will I get picture updates of your progress?

I stopped sending my collectors picture updates of the paintings because it was difficult for them to imagine where I was in the process. The way a painting looks in the middle is not the way it will look in the end, and it was causing the collectors undue anxiety when they were afraid I had missed important details that I was saving for last. 

So, I won't send pictures, but I'm happy to answer emails about what stage the painting is in. 


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